Thursday, August 23, 2012


 "A well-stocked mind is safe from boredom."
  -- Arthur C. Clarke

I know what you're thinking: a blog? Really? As if the internet needs another one of those! 

The primary reason I'm doing this is for myself. I've found that putting my thoughts in writing helps me to transform them from the sometimes-vague form they take when in my mind and make them more concrete, more coherent. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests with friends - both old friends and friends I have yet to meet - despite the danger of drifting into self-importance, which I'll hopefully avoid. Furthermore, it provides for a bit more anonymity than I have available on social media such as Facebook.

So what is this blog about? The answer: anything and everything. This is about everything I find interesting enough to write about or simply share, and that's a lot. As my description indicates, I'm a geek, so I'll be posting about sci-fi, science, technology, gaming, comics, movies - anything a thirty-something (soon to be forty-something) geek might find interesting. And don't get me started on George Lucas!

I'll also be writing about political and social issues. This is where the anonymity will come in useful!

I'll be posting my first regular piece soon. I hope you find my new blog worthwhile!